I did a thing.

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A way too early birthday present for my friend Thias, who wanted me to upload it early.

I got it done from the lovely Cocokat. It’s Lie Ren from the RWBY series!

Doesn’t he look pretty, that gun tho.


That first noise made me lose my mind

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My Ochatomo Free! figurines are finally here! Each figurine stands 90mm tall and comes with a special coaster. These little guys are the most precious pieces of merch I’ve ever purchased and to celebrate the occasion I went ahead and put together a few tasty drinks to share with you just before summer draws to a close~

Haruka’s Drink

  • In a glass, pour your choice of lemon-lime soda and add crushed ice. (Optional: try adding blue jelly to the bottom of the glass before adding the soda!)
  • Over the ice, pour some non-alcoholic Blue Curacao syrup.

Makoto’s Drink

  • This one’s simple! We simply had a leftover bottle of melon flavored Ramune soda and poured it over ice~ For added taste, try adding flavored jelly cubes to the bottom~

Rin and Gou’s Drink

  • To the bottom of your glass, place a small amount of frozen strawberries or maraschino cherries.
  • Add your choice of syrup; for this drink, I chose to add the syrup from the jar of maraschino cherries, but strawberry syrup would taste just as great!
  • Add lemon-lime soda then top with crushed ice.

Nagisa’s Drink

  • Start by pouring in lemon-lime soda then topping with crushed ice. Adding the ice second ensures the drink won’t mix straight away, so you have a nice, layered effect to admire before enjoying your beverage~
  • Pour in mango or orange juice over the ice.
  • Top with red grenadine syrup, or with any red syrup of your choice! Grenadine is a popular, sweet, non-alcoholic and thick syrup used most commonly in alcoholic beverages to give them a lovely sunset appearance~

Rei’s Drink

  • You guessed it! Pour in lemon-line soda then top with crushed ice. Additionally, I would recommend adding frozen blueberries to the bottom of the glass!
  • Top that off with blueberry syrup for a nice, royal purple color!

Well, that’s about it! Hope the rest of your summer is relaxing, refreshing, and, of course, free. <3

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sleepy transparent pug

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The Shape of Ideas

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hearin a really shitty pun

makin a really shitty pun

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Yeah I have no idea what the status is now tbh but thank you for looking <3

I talked to my friend and they say it’s been a non issue? so maybe it’s still in effect but not being used?

Also he’s gotten something that allows him to change the gender mark on his thing so, I don’t know how that works out for non binary but yeah.

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I was born in the wrong generation. This generation is still racist as fuck and I can’t download a pizza. Wake me up in the year 3019.

*Update from the year 3000* not much has changed but we live underwater

How’s my great-great-great-granddaughter?

She’s doin’ fine

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I’m looking to grab sources to refute it but googles just has two year articles about it

so maybe it’s just been fixed by now

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